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Onee-san Inc./Steve McKoy 11 is a video game narrator designer. He is the creator of Croaki Croaki Literature Club, which was posted on Steve Mckoy joined on November 22, 2018. He is most known for making meme games, which the only one was CCLC. Steve also teaches students, so he assigned Croaki Croaki Literature Club for his students because of the education content.


Working on Croaki Croaki Literature Club

The original game's page.

Mckoy was inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club, a 2017 anime horror visual novel made by Team Salvato. That's when he decided to make a meme game about amphibians. The actual DDLC was about a male protagonist (spoilers!), that is lead by his childhood friend, Sayori, to a literature club, when he really wanted to go join the anime club. This was the exact same thing that Salyori did to the protagonist in the Croaki Croaki Literature Club game.

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